Georgia Armed Security & PI Courses
Frequently Ask Questions

Question:  Can I get a blue card after I complete the 40hr Armed certification course?

Answer:    Yes but only if you are going to work for a licensed State of Georgia Security firm or open your own licensed company.

Question: How long is my certification good for?  

Answer:  For one year, to qualify yearly you will have to re-qualify at the shooting range through a licensed state instructor.  You will not have to take the entire classroom course again.

Question: Does my certification in Georgia transfer to any other State?

Answer:   Although the Georgia certification program is nationally recognized, states differ on security license requirements especially if it is an armed certification.  Check with that state to make sure. Most of the time, the answer is no, you will have to take that states training course.

Question:  Can I use my WHITE CARD carry permit to do armed security work?

Answer:    No, it is against the State of Georgia Board of Private Detective and Security Companies statutes and can have serious consequences on those working without a BLUE CARD issued by the State after completing the required 40hr State Certified Course.  (JAIL TIME is very possible).

Question:  When I complete the PI course, can I start work immediately? 

Answer:  Yes, if you are going to be working for a State of Georgia Licensed Private Detective Company or as an In House Private Detective at a specific location, example, Attorney's Office, Insurance Company etc.  If you work as an in- house Private Detective, that company will fill out your application to the state and be responsible for your actions at that specific location. To work as an armed PI, you will have to have a Blue Card through the State.

Question: Are there jobs in this field?  

Answer:  Yes there are many positions in the security industry.  These certifications are the foundation to your career in the private security industry.  Many employers do not list there openings to the public so you have to investigate different types of companies to see if they need security officers.  As the economy gets worse, the need for certified security officers will continue to increase.

Question: Do I get my Concealed Carry or Blue Card Permits through your Training Facility?

Answer:  No, your concealed carry permit will be issued through your local Courthouse, usually the Probate Court.  Once you make application, they will take your fingerprints, collect the state fees usually $60-$70, (make sure to check the fees first because they will want you to have an exact amount) and then mail the permit to you as long as your background check does not register any felony charges.   The Blue Card is issued through the State of Georgia, Board of Private Detectives and Security Companies once application is made from the licensed security company for whom you will be employed.

Question:  When do your classes run or what is the schedule?

Answer:  Security Officer Training runs Monday - Friday  Except on all Legal Holidays. and also Saturday and Sundays at a different location. The PI course  schedule is customized by the instructor. All applicants must register online.  Registered students have first placement over walk-ins.

Question:  Can I see the Facility or check out the class before I pay?

Answer:  It depends on the instructors location. Once you have registered, the instructor will contact you, at that time you can arrange to see his or her training location.  To qualify as an observer you will have to supply a valid state drivers license and a copy of your criminal background check.  No photos, cameras, recording devices  or firearms are allowed in the classroom, please leave these items in your vehicle before entering.



A representative will contact you within 30 or minutes after the form has been submitted.

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